“Process improvement” – a journey that many organizations set out on the interest of their sales team (business group) is planned with myriads of accreditation’s and industry accolades. In the dog-eat-dog race, companies that invested their time and cash into this process & having shown these beautiful forms again and again to clients, rashly begin authorizing these procedures upon their workers – hapless employees. As, to the companies the entire process is no less than a decorated certification. Some industry experts explain the entire process improvement phase as “systematization/institutionalization” in today’s competitive era. On the more, this institutionalization is like lashing a jackass till it concurs with you that it is a steed. Some industry trending words that illustrate “institutionalization” well are audits, evidence, procedures, data, certifications, and discipline and so on.

Now the question arises, what’s wrong in having a procedure or control to tail this procedure? Or else, for this process getting an accreditation? Nothing? In any case one essential thing that is missing in these procedures is the institutionalized conviction absence. Right from the top most authority to the trainee in the hierarchy, no one in the company has faith in these procedures. Thus, on their way these procedures keep on rotting into the company’s psyche, until the day the jackass begins trusting that it is, in reality a steed. Customarily, to demonstrate the jackass a mirror to a perturbed client and wake from the sleep it takes company’s priceless time.

Organized/Institutionalized conviction, in general, is the compelling procedure’s establishment. Let’s understand it with an example, you being an elder can educate your youngster how to brush their teeth, and control them into brushing their teeth consistently. However, unless you help them believe in the value that accompanies brushing their teeth, they will never do so in a way that advantages them. Similarly, with organization’s processes, if you don’t have confidence in the benefit in the value of preparing minutes of your meetings. You will never prepare an MoM that serves any quality to anybody regardless of you have the best of tools or templates to help you. Then again, if there is an organized faith in the quality that originates from minutes of gatherings preparing, then tools and templates will stop to matter – this practice estimation will spill out of whatever strategy you employ.

Thus, it is rightly said, don’t be an emperor who parades around stripped in his imaginary new garments. Introspect and see whether you genuinely believe in the process. And if you do, then you require not stress over systematization, compliance, or certification.