Around 90% of the India’s populace uses 2G technology as of now and, is predicted that by 2020, around 45% of the nation’s populace will use 3GPP’s developed Long Term Evolution broadband technology – 4G. Howbeit, today the continuously evolving technology has too come up with 5G that speaks up the mobile networks’ next generation. In India, it is expected to be available by the year 2020. Further, 5G is differentiated from 4G when considering the technical perspective on grounds of LTE’s evolution and a new radio access technology NX. High-performance with the user speed of more than 10 Gbps is the motive behind the 5G technology. Now, along with the millisecond latency & higher performance the 5G use cases are the one that makes things intriguing.

It can be explained as 5G’s technological advancement makes our cell phones intelligent and faster. It also supports the growing interest of today’s generation for everywhere and anytime video. It is too anticipated that by the year 2021, 70% of the mobile data traffic would be from the videos. In any case, 5G would too connect an increasing number of things as well as enable IoT use cases to leave a positive impact on revolutionary industries and consumers.

On the more, high-speed connectivity and pervasive mobility of 5G would bolster vehicles and transport infrastructures to maintain the smooth flow of traffic. India to have a better future should support transport infrastructure by setting a large number of IoT sensors on highways and railways.

In short, 5G technology will also empower the world to control gadgets remotely in apps where real-time network performance is important. Let’s understand with an example, remotely controlled heavy machinery & surgery needs in the perilous situations. In this way, 5G can enhance worker safety and extend the critical health care services reach. The advanced 5G technology would too witness the idea of human & machine interaction. The continuously evolving technology and increasing need of 5G apps have too mold the operator’s network. Mobile connectivity is a base for all 5G applications, so there is a need to add these new IoT opportunities and have uninterrupted communication.WHAT-IS-5G-infographics-A3-v3

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